Stepped Tree

The Stepped Tree is the largest and oldest River Red Gum in the park with a trunk diameter of 1.9 m.

It is hard to assess the age of these old trees but it is probably 400-500 years old.

It is situated on the edge of the river just upstream of the Phillips Fox Billabong - just a short distance from the Main Yarra Trail.

It is called the Stepped Tree as it had 13 steps carved into the trunk by the Koori to  enable them to climb its sloping trunk to obtain food from the hollows in the higher branches.

These steps have long grown over now, but the tree is still a monument to our natural and Koori heritage.

Take time to reflect......

This tree was most likely alive when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne.

Generations of Koori would have treasured its presence.  We should as well

Location in the southern section of the park

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