Best 10 attractions in Yarra Flats Park


  1. Old growth River Red Gums. There are 14 River Red Gums in the park that have a girth of over 1 metre and are very likely to predate European settlement. There are numerous trees that would be over 100 years old. The easiest to see are the "Stepped Tree" and the trees in the Southern Riverside Forest.
  2. The Stepped Tree. The oldest and biggest of the River Red Gums in the park with a history of steps being carved into its trunk by the Koori.
  3. The Annulus Billabong. One of the most important billabongs along the Yarra River.
  4. The Annulus Conservation area.  Loose yourself in this River Red Gum forest.
  5. The Yarra River. There are a couple of prized spots to see the river.
  6. Phillips Fox Billabong. A charming spot with a surprising history.
  7. The Heidelberg School. The Artist’s trail gives a good way to discover some of our famous Impressionists.
  8. The kangaroo mob that calls inner Melbourne home.
  9. Banksia Billabong and the Bunyip Hole. Two hidden gems off the beaten track but if you know where to go a very easy stroll from the carpark.
  10. Horses in a rural setting.


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