For over 10 years now 'The Mob' have been doing as they please in Yarra Flats Park. Easy pickings have led to a lazy existence where 'The Mob' are able to live as royalty.


Their accomodation at night is very pleasant in the 5 star Annulus Hotel or 4 star Peninsula Hotel.















In the morning there it is a smorgasbord breakfast laid on by the Friends group nicely packaged in plastic wrappings.

Then it is a quick commute to the luxury of the fertile "horse" paddocks where a leisurely top up of juicy grass is enjoyed before retiring for the day.

Entertainment is laid on with those awkward two legged animals that have not learnt to hop yet parading past in all sorts of weird coats, many being dragged by silly little 4 legged oddities.

For the most part the pesky horses stay away and keep their flies to themselves.

A bit of play fighting to keep the genes happy is about the extent of strenuous activity for the day.


Like in all regal establishments there is the family infighting, that requires some "timeout" in another paddock for the less important members of the mob.


Then as evening approaches it is time to impress the girls with some sprinting, high jumping and other cool moves on the way back to the treed accomodation for the night.


The Royal Family now consists of over 25 members with many young spoilt joeys coming along nicely. Free transport is provided for them whenever required.


The "black wallabies" of The Mob should also be briefly mentioned.

Swamp wallaby at the breakfast smorgasbord

They are somewhat of a disappointment really as they hide away in the back rooms of the Annulus and Peninsula hotels pretending that they are wild animals battling for their existence. Apart from the occasional stupid quadruped (with even stupider owners) that wants to chase them through the long grass it is actually a walk in the park for them. They are very antisocial and unlikely to make it onto the front pages of the "Friends Newsletter" like their lighter coloured eastern relatives regularly do. Anyway there are only around 4 of these anxious types in the park so they do not undermine The Mobs' image too much.

If you wish to be entertainment for The Mob their preferred locations for you to exhibit are along the entry track from Mossman Dve but best of all along The Boulevard south of Mossman Dve.