We are thrilled to announce that our group was successful in obtaining a Federal Government grant, for regeneration work in Yarra Flats Park, through the Commonwealth Communities Environment Programme.

Our Federal member Kate Thwaites and her team have been instrumental in our success with this grant and we are most grateful for their support in this matter and for our work generally in the park.

The grant is for $16,000 to be used for works around The Annulus Billabong area and the Phillips-Fox Billabong area.

$11,000 is earmarked for contractors to come in and do woody weed removal, weed spraying and site preparation for our plantings.

$5,000 is for us to purchase plants, guards, stakes and equipment for planting such as mechanical drills for digging the plant holes.

With this we will be able to significantly improve our productivity and greatly increase the number of plants we put in.